As a software engineer, and wantrepreneur, I always keep my eyes open for new tools and workflows that can save time and improve my productivity. Finding one of these tools is always exciting and can be incredibly impactful.


These are the set of tools I use to help get the most out of my day, whether its keeping track of things to do, programming, or just looking for good deals. I share these in the hopes that you may find something new and helpful:

Sublime Text

A great text editor with tons of plugins. I typically use this or VS Code for when I'm working on front-end development.

Visual Studio Code

A growing favorite on my list of editors. Also supported by a ton of plugins.

Visual Studio

My favorite IDE for developing on Windows.

Beyond Compare

The best file diff tool available (in my humble opinion).


Code repository on steroids.


I clip and organize interesting content to Evernote so that I can get back to it later. They have a browser plugin which makes clipping very easy.


Cloud storage for all your files. Makes transferring or backing up files incredibly easy.


Trello helps me keep track of my tasks and workflows. It's indispensable when I'm working with another person or team. It's super intuitive and easy to use.

For the most part, the above tools are your regular run-of-the-mill tools. Below are a few of the more unique / specialized tools that I use.


A fantastic Password Manager, they also have a mobile app which has come in handy at least a dozen times.


To-do lists. There are plenty of them out there, this one works for me.


A simple tool I use for time tracking. I like a simple interface with great reporting.


A crypto coin portfolio/tracker app for your phone. I use this more for quickly checking coin prices that I follow. Not into Bitcoin or Ethereum yet? You will be.


Always have a ton of great deals here. Additionally when I'm looking for specific things I use their Deal Alerts and it will keep an eye out for any deals that match criteria. Great time-saver.


Browser add-on that automatically finds coupons/promo codes for the site you're on. Works fairly well for many sites, assuming they have coupon codes. Comes in handy every so often and saves you from Googling the web for a coupon code.

Arguably the most important tool I use on a daily basis:

It's not actually an app or service...

At any given time I have a handful of ideas, opportunities, or things to follow up on. If I worked on every idea or opportunity that comes my way I'd get nothing done and I would be drowning in things to do. Even worse is that there may be things that I'm on the fence about and if I were to do them then I'm taking away from things that I am actually excited about. In order to focus on things of value I have to be able to say No. But how do you choose what to say no to? That's where this comes in:

Rate each item between 1 and 10, but you can't choose 7

Why can you not choose 7? Because now you're forced to choose either 6, which is too close to 5's "meh not really worth it" and an 8 which is much closer to 10's "Hell yeah!"

Now you can quickly decide whether or not to put any energy into something. It's helped me become more focused, saved time, and increased my productivity because I'm no longer working on things that were in that middle ground. Credit due: I heard this from a James Altucher podcast with Tim Ferris.

I'll keep this list updated as I discover new tools. Have a tool that's made your life easier? I'd love to know!